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HCA Raises the Bar with a New Math and Science Initiative

science lab


Heritage Christian Academy recently opened the new Secondary building, the first phase of a 3-phase building project. HCA finished-out the 10,000 square foot second floor of an existing building with two state-of-the-art science labs and six additional classrooms to meet the needs of their fast growing student population. 

HCA’s administration and Board of Trustees see Math and Science as critical areas for enhancement and growth. “According to recent international test results (Program for International Student Assessment [PISA]) the US Ranks 25th in Science and 17th in Math. For our students to be able to compete for jobs in the future, we must be innovative in how we train and equip them now,” says Lorne Liechty, HCA Board Member.  “Our goal is to give them the tools they need to compete at the highest level.”

Administrators See the Importance of Maintaining Critical Thinking Skills While Keeping up with Advanced Technology
“Certainly we understand that advances in technology have changed the landscape of education in today’s world; however, recent studies have shown that as technology plays a bigger role in our lives, our ability to use critical thinking skills has declined.   In a world where we have apps and technology that think for us, and various forms of media attempting to tell us what to think, it is more challenging to motivate this generation to work hard and think critically.  There is simply no substitute for opening a book and struggling through the information until the student grasps the concepts. Knowing how to use the latest and greatest technology is not a challenge for this generation. But teaching them to use technology as a tool to accomplish great things rather than just another form of entertainment is a challenge.   We will continue to provide new and innovative resources to aid our teachers and students, but we will combine those with proven traditional educational techniques that help students develop the reasoning, analysis and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in college and in life,” says Robert Huckabee, Assistant Headmaster.

The goal at HCA is to equip strong Christian leaders who:

•   Have the critical thinking skills to sift through all of the
     information they get from books, media, magazines, and
     society and evaluate it with logic and reason

•   Have the confidence and resolve to think for themselves

•   Come to conclusions that are based on biblical truths and
     strong values

•   Have the integrity and decisiveness to respond according
     to their convictions and lead with vision and purpose

Smaller Environment Provides Big Benefits for College

Founded in 1995, HCA already has a proven track record as a college preparatory school. 100 % of HCA graduates are accepted to college. They have a record of not only attending college, but excelling academically and athletically at large and small public and private universities all across the country. HCA graduates receive excellent scholarship offers in academics, sports, fine arts, leadership, community service, and much more because of the  experiences, opportunities, education, and support they receive. Many of them attend universities that their families could not otherwise afford. The fifteen students in the class of 2011 received scholarship offers in excess of $1.3 million. HCA’s success comes from knowing what colleges and universities are looking for and providing their students with the opportunities and resources needed to build impressive resumes. 

HCA at a Glance

•     HCA is Fully Accredited.
•     The Faculty is Degreed and Certified in their
        respective fields. 
•     The Princeton Review SAT Prep Course is offered on
       campus as an elective during school hours.
•     Higher SAT and ACT scores than the state and  
       national averages.  
•     Small Class Sizes enable teachers to invest in each student
•     Students Attend Daily Bible Classes.
•     All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective.
•     Learning Lab Program is offered to accommodate mild
       learning disorders.
•     Honors Courses are offered for the accelerated learner.
•     On-Campus Dual Credit Program. Many students will
       earn a full semester of college credit and gain
       confidence in their ability to be successful in college.
•     State Recognized Athletic and Fine Arts programs.
•     Excellent College Counseling sets HCA apart from
       other schools.  Our counselor works hard to help
       each student find a college that is the best fit for them.
       She is able to spend quality time getting to know
        their personalities and skill sets so each student
        is equipped to make the best college decision possible.
•     Missions & Service Opportunities give students the
        opportunity to reach out to others in their community. 
       They also have the opportunity to go on National and
       International mission trips in the winter and summer.
•     Weekly Chapel provides opportunities for student led
       worship and to be challenged and encouraged  by
       local church and community leaders.