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HCA Learning Lab

Heritage Christian Academy offers a Learning Lab program for students with mild forms of attention problems, dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disorders.  Designed to enrich and support existing classroom curriculum,  the Lab offers individualized teaching methods, learning strategies and testing options to meet each child’s needs.  This program provides intelligent students who struggle with learning difficulties the opportunity to succeed in a college preparatory environment.   Success depends on factors such as motivation, innate ability, effort, and parental support. The Lab will not guarantee academic success, but does offer the student a high degree of success based on their God-given potential.

Nan Breeden is a certified Special Education teacher with a background in psychology.  Her passion is teaching students with learning difficulties and partnering with teachers and parents to find solutions that bring about student success.  She is a valuable resource for students, parents, and teaching staff. 

“It is my strong belief that a quality Christian education should be available to every student.  Children with learning disorders are some of the most intelligent and talented students in school, yet they still struggle. They often develop a dislike for school and the stress associated with it. Our desire is to make HCA’s high academic standards available to bright, motivated students who struggle with mild learning differences and attention difficulties. Our goal is to help students reach their potential by teaching them how to compensate for those deficiencies.  Learning Lab is another step in making this possible.” says Headmaster, Dr. Ron Taylor.


Nan Breeden