BBuilding strong and confident Christian leaders who are willing and able to serve.


In the book of Daniel we see the account of the three captive Hebrew young people. These young people are described as being widely read in literature and science, quick to comprehend and
able to learn. They are also described as wise. These young people had received
an excellent education in the context of honoring Jehovah. When it was demanded of them that they worship the god of the prevailing culture, no compromise could be found in their hearts. They remained true to the God of their fathers. In the end, they assumed leadership roles in the midst of a society that did not understand them, but needed what they had to offer.

We believe that all of our students are “Daniels” in training. We believe that our graduates will serve the Body of Christ and their fellow man as Christian leaders and role models in the midst of an increasingly secular society.

Heritage Christian Academy does not represent a guarantee. We provide an opportunity. We provide an education that is distinctively Christian in a school that works in partnership with Christian families. We prepare children and young people for college by providing a high standard for instruction, achievement, and character. We prepare them to fulfill God’s call in all aspects of their lives by recognizing and addressing the needs of the whole person.

In the end, HCA recognizes that “unless the Lord builds the house, the workers labor in vain.” Despite our best efforts and the efforts of those Christian families who partner with us, the only way our mission will be accomplished in the lives of our students is by the grace and favor of our Savior.

HCA is now in it's 18th year and the school embraces its task of shaping the future leaders of Rockwall and beyond. Graduates have a record of not only attending college but excelling, academically and athletically, in places such as Texas A&M, Baylor, Pepperdine, Austin College, Hardin-Simmons, Loyola University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Tech, and others. Heritage alumni are now enjoying success as college professors, Math Department heads, actors, physical therapists, coaches, teachers and much more.

HCA’s staff is committed to work with families in training up students who are guided by Biblical principles and seek excellence in their every endeavor. In today’s world it is harder and harder for young men and women to filter through the messages that the world is sending. Our goal is to offer them every opportunity to build a strong foundation so that they will be able to stand firm on the Truth, and lead with confidence.